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Fun For All Ages

Cage Ride Norwich
Eliminator Fun Ride
Twister Fun Fair Ride
Fairground Waltzer

Thrill Seeker Rides

Waltzes, Eliminator, Cage, Twister, Dodgems,all rides for that fun factor, accompanied by an adult for younger passengers, fun for all the family.

Circus Madness Norfolk
Fun House Norwich
Disney House Ride Norfolk
Ghost Train Fun Fair Ride

Youngster Rides

House of mirrors, ghost train, funhouse and Disney house. Brightly coloured for youngsters and lots of activities inside.

Small Rides Norfolk
Fun Fair Balloon Ride
Teacup Ride Norfolk
Bounce Ride Norfolk

Mini Rides

Mini rides for the smaller generation include, mini teacups, balloon ride and cars (buses, trains) which ever your little one desires. All colourful rides and suitable for most to be unaccompanied.

Snack Hut Norfolk
Hook A Duck Norfolk
Fun Fair Games Norfolk
Win A Prize Game Norwich

Snacks & Games

We offer food and games for a wide variety of events and catering for all tastes.

Health & Safety

We take your safety very seriously, every event equipment is carefully checked taken down and stored to ensure it is at the highest level of safety.