Our family has been bringing funfairs to east Anglia since 1600’s. Over the years we have seen many changes in the way we have had to fuel our rides. 

From horse drawn, to steam to fuel. Despite the changes we have still delivered the most competitive prices to allow families a great day out.

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Community and family is a big part of our life.

Queen At A Fair
Queen At L Gray & Sons Fun Fair
Queen Mother At A Fairground
Royal Family Fun Fair

Our Story

We have also had the honour of inviting our very own Queen for tea, during the time of our uncle Herbet we had the absolute honour of sharing some time with the late Queen Elizabeth, we were very saddened to hear of the death and we halted our fair as a mark of respect. 

As you can see from the pictures, we were able to show this amazing lady our way of life. We as a family are honoured to have experienced such an amazing visit.

Our story, showmanship like every job has its challenges, from WW1, WW2 recessions and in most recent times a pandemic. We have managed to at every hurdle helped supported and adapted to every change.

During WW1 our Great grandfather died during the battle of Somme, as many great grandfathers did fighting hard for their country, we are as a family very proud to know he fought bravely side by side his comrades. 

 During WW2 our grandfather built the mock airfields that were used to confuse the German aircrafts. During the bombings of hospitals, we were also able to assist with steam engines to allow the hospitals power during blackouts. These are just a few things that over the years we as a family have had the honour to help and assist with.

The Current Generation

Larry Gray senior, founder of L Gray and sons funfair. Has been proud to bring fun and smiles to communities his whole life.

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Larry Gray - Founder


During the most recent outbreak of covid 19 we also adapted our rides to enable families to continue living a normal life, by sanitising our equipment after every ride.