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Ride hire available for all sized events. For private celebrations, festivals and all other large (or small) events

Adult, family and children rides all available, catering also available. Rides, side shows and games with prizes to add a little something special, we offer great deals for small and large events. 

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Our Rides & Games

Eliminator Ride For Hire


Round and round and turning when will it stop?

Spinning Cage Ride Norwich


Round and round in your cage you will wind, spinning around as the ride spins vertically turning so your facing the ground.

House Of Mirrors Norfolk

Circus Madness

Step right in don’t be shy, what will you find in this house of delight. Loose your way in the house of mirrors, climb the stairs for more fun.

Twister Ride For Hire Norwich


A ride for all the family, can be run steadier for younger riders and can be fast and thrilling for older riders.

Dodgems Fun Fair Norfolk


A chance to race your friends and family, has been putting smiles on people’s faces since the 50’s.

Childrens Rides Norwich

Ballon Ride

Imagine this little as you are, your very own balloon ride in your own little cart. The lights are so bright and the music is soft, as you see the faces gently as you fly off, this is the ride for special little children, just breath in the fun.

House Of Mirrors Fun Fair

House Of Mirrors

All of the shapes as you walk through the doors, are those of a dream world as you walk tall and small, but will you get through this maze of excitement or fall to the floor in giggles and laughter. Can you see yourself all skinny and tall or short and dumpy as the mirrors start distorting.

Mega Spin Waltzer Norwich


All safe and secure as the bar falls tight, hold on to your tummy as the ride starts to go, faster and faster as the music gets going, round and round as the carts are all pushed. All of the laughter will exit your lungs as the cart plunges round and your tummy starts flipping, the more you scream the faster it goes, sing along to the chorus and have lots of fun.

Classic Hook A Duck Norwich

Hook A Duck

Little ducks as you swim round and round, will It be a big teddy of will be small, each little duck has its own little dot the excitement of prizes always something to look forwaed too.

Disney Cottage For Kids

Disney Cottage

Spin like a hamster on the big wheel, meet your favourite Disney characters and jump in the ball pit.

Ghost Train Ride Suffolk

Ghost Train

What lurks inside as you drive through the doors? Is it too frightening too open your eyes? Can you keep watching the scary delight or is it too gruesome too go in at night? Will you be screaming when you are out the other side? Or will you go back for some spooky surprise?

Fun Fairs Norfolk

Sweet Snacks

Tasty Doughnuts, candy floss, icecream, sweets and popcorn. Definitely attracting the sweet tooth crowd.

Please Note:

Minimum rides are 16ft diameter larger rides 60ft diameter, for all hires a free quotation is available but a visit is a must to ensure we have the correct access required to allow us access, and dimensions fit the space you require for hire.